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24/7/365 Live ChatHow can we help?
Toll-Free Call or Text: 866-997-8277
24/7/365 Live ChatHow can we help?
Ads that contain phone numbers have a 10% increase in click through rate
43% of web searches convert as a phone call lead
65% of businesses consider phone calls their most valuable leads
10% increase in click through rates for ads with a phone number
Mobile search currently drives about 80 billion calls
Google call extensions are currently driving more than 40 million calls per month
70% of mobile searchers have used the call button to connect with a business directly from the results page
51% of mobile searchers say they “always” or “frequently” need to call a business from the mobile search results
52% of people who take action after conducting a mobile search do so via the phone
If your business doesn’t have a phone number associated with its search results, 47% of mobile searchers say they will likely explore other brands

Why use call tracking?

Why track your website and offline calls?

Calls to U.S. businesses from search, social, display, or other paid ad campaigns ads have grown 110 percent since 2014. That represents a total of 162 billion calls in the United States alone each year.
Knowing which advertising channels result in calls and form submissions allows you to better allocate your advertising budget. Eliminate ad-spend that doesn’t result in calls or form filles and focus your advertising dollars on campaigns that drive leads. Use our reporting to discover the details and put an action plan in place.
With so many consumers converting by calling businesses, it’s critical that marketers are able to track, attribute and report on calls.

  • Calls = Growth

    Phone calls are the lifeblood for all growing businesses. With Leads Concierge Call Tracking you can view, review, understand and manage your monthly call volume. You will see where calls are coming from and can reveal the picture that is driving the most growth for your business.

  • Top Call Pages

    80% of calls and form submissions come from 20% of your websites pages. Seeing what pages drive calls and form submissions means you can add similar pages to drive even more leads. Conversion optimize your website by repeating what works and letting go of what doesn't.

  • Campaign, Source and Medium Tracking

    Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or SEO – which of your advertising efforts are resulting in positive ROI?Which campaigns are wasting valuable ad spend? With your new call and lead reports you can competently manage inbound leads with confidence in the data backing you and your decisions. Measure your marketing, manage your budget, master your lead generation abilities.

  • Call Tracking & Easy Integrations

    Turn call recording on and listen to every call. Review intake procedures, train staff, and re-listen to important calls to take additional notes and ace that follow up. Automatic prompts let callers know they’re being recorded to comply with laws. Easily track calls in Google Ads and Google Analytics. Set Goals through analytics and import these goals into Google Ads. See what campaigns, ad groups, and keywords drive calls using whichever systems you prefer.

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