Toll-Free Call or Text: 866-997-8277
24/7/365 Live ChatHow can we help?
Toll-Free Call or Text: 866-997-8277
24/7/365 Live ChatHow can we help?
77% of customers won't make a purchase if there's no Live Chat support
73% of customers find Live Chat to be the most satisfying way of communicating with a business
42% of customers selected Live Chat as their preferred method of providing personal contact information
This is higher than any other lead generation method
44% of consumers say having Live Chat to answer questions is a most important feature
63% of customers are more likely to return to a website that has Live Chat
73% of customers were satisfied with their live chat experience
Chatters spend 60% more per purchase than non-chatters
35% of consumers have made a purchase due to a good Live Chat itself
Adding Live Chat causes an immediate 5-20% conversion increase

Your Leads Concierge features have no limits.

Still have any hesitations about working with us? Your first 30 days are free, no credit card required. Our clients see value near instantly which is why we can offer this.

Advanced Lead Tracking & Attribution

Understand where each lead to your business comes from (Google, Facebook, Organics, PPC, radio, business card, networking event, mail out and more) and what value it brings into your business. Discover where your highest ROI lies and continually improve your results, lowering cost per acquisition (CPA). Forms, texts, chars and calls are tracked and we send instant notification to your cell and email.

Call Tracking, Forms, SMS & Chats, too!

It might sound complicated, but we promise, it's not. Our call tracking software uses both Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) as well as static "Offline" phone numbers to track where every caller to your business originates, down to the keyword for paid traffic. We call record free of charge, if you'd like.

Qualified Leads Ring Your Phone 

You're a busy professional with a full schedule. The last thing you want to be doing is wasting time on cold leads, but you need to continually bring in new business to keep your pipeline full. We fast-lane your hottest leads straight to you and nurturing the rest in the background. We handle all of the details.*

Soft Engagement = 3 - 10x More Great Leads 

Sometimes your very best customers are lost. After all, that may be why they're looking for you. Perhaps they don't know what they need but they DO have a problem. A question. Our 24/7 Live Chat Staff make a soft introduction to every visitor that lands on your website. Your best leads show themselves very quickly when presented with this direct path to their needs.

24/7 Lead Generating

- Soft engagement by live chat agents with every site visitor
- Rule set to collect name, email, phone and more
- Live agent will route calls to your phone through "quick connect" or appointment set right into your calendar

24/7 Lead Converting

With a lead management system, you'll save your company time and money while improving the overall effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts. And because we integrate seamlessly with your current and future marketing strategies, you'll be able to streamline your sales process across numerous initiatives.

24/7 Call and Lead Tracking

Increase conversions and spend your marketing budget more efficiently by knowing which marketing sources your phone leads, web form leads, chat leads and sales are actually coming from. Start tracking calls within minutes. Choose local or toll-free numbers. With offline numbers, measure calls from direct mail, billboards, brochures, etc

24/7 Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation technology and software helps to streamline repetitive marketing tasks to increase productivity and efficiency within both the sales and marketing pieces of your business. The aim is to ultimately attract new leads, generate sales and increase revenue in the easiest way possible.

Many surveyed companies have on average 23% of their total company-wide sales to thank automated email marketing for and for every $1 spent on automated, personalized email marketing, this proven successful strategy generates an average $38 in ROI. 

Many thanks to Leads Concierge and their highly professional and enthusiastic team! Our client bookings have increased by 187% since joining four months ago. Our clients come into the salon raving about how they were able to be helped late, early, or in the middle of the night. They feel connected to us and that resonates and shows itself in our client happiness and overall revenue.

Shawna Amella, Salon & Spa Owner

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