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24/7/365 Live ChatHow can we help?
Toll-Free Call or Text: 866-997-8277
24/7/365 Live ChatHow can we help?

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Lead Generation
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Lead Conversion
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Your Contacts Database
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Lead Scoring

Our 24/7 live staffed live chat will triple your leads with existing website traffic, and that's just the start! We are your very own customized support team. Teamwork makes the dream work, baby! Let us take care of you - it would be our pleasure.

No Credit Card Required. No Long Term Contracts. ✰ Discover Exactly Which Services You Need.100% Customer Happiness Guarantee.

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What is Leads Concierge?

Triple Your Leads Without Spending an Additional Cent on AdvertisingAllow us to manage frustrating and time consuming daily tasks to power your business
Leads Concierge provides you with customized to your business end to end lead generation, lead conversion, complete tracking, marketing automation and leads management. 
Experience freedom from busy time wasting work. Leads Concierge was developed just for busy professionals like you who need to focus on growth.
Spend your valuable time on on your hot business to expand your revenues while we build and nurture your pipeline for you 24 hours, every single day. 
We push your best leads straight to you instantly. No more chasing cold time wasters. You can relax and say goodbye to stress, working only the leads that are ready.

  • Highly skilled 24/7 Live Chat staff engage your every website visitor with a gentle "Hi there! Do you have any questions?". Over 60% of mobile users expect live chat to be on your website. We fulfill that expectation for you.

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    The best and hottest leads are pushed right thru to ring your phone during "ON" hours, while appointments are booked into your calendar during "OFF" hours. Amazing, right? Enjoy that time off knowing we've got your back.

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    When a contact form is submitted on your website we ring your cell phone instantly, connecting you within seconds to hot leads.

  • Our agents double verify contact details providing quality, data. No more chasing leads around and wasting precious time you should be spending working your ready now leads. The ones calling you!

  • 1000's of happy clients are resting easy knowing that their customers feel cared for, heard and understood instantly. The benefits to your business available here are truly priceless.

Leads Concierge pushes qualified leads directly to your phone or books into your calendar if you're off for the night.
Check out these astonishing facts below:

63% of Mobile Phone Users Expect Live Chat on Your Website

51% of Consumers Say a Business Needs to Be Available 24/7

92% of Customers Feel Satisfied When They Use a Live Chat Feature

63% of Mobile Phone Users Expect Live Chat on Your Website

63% of mobile phone users expect live chat.

Chat connects you with prospects, leads, and customers faster than ever. But they don't care how fast you can say, "Hi, how can I help you?" They care how fast you can actually help them. Pushing them to your "messenger" and hoping you'll be available when someone needs you is not good enough.
That's why we're here for you. Our live chat agents are staffed around the clock to engage gently with your website visitors to answer questions or offer assistance. As your prospects ask us questions, we come back to you and learn together how to best help your customers instantly - and push the very best ones to you in real time - or booked direct to your calendar. Leads Concierge is your 24/7 Virtual Assistant. There's even more features, too!

Give your hottest and best leads a fast pass to become qualified customers.
Hot leads ring you during the day and we appointment set for you after hours. It's that simple.

Lead Tracking, Attribution & Reporting

Uncover the details that will save you thousands in marketing dollars and drastically lower your CPA.

    Understand your customers' whole journey with every interaction scored and recorded
    Discover where your most profitable leads come from
    Visualize marketing results in clear terms 
    Make strong decisions for your marketing strategy based on data, not assumptions

24/7 Staffed Live ChatWe've Got Your Back

The statistics on Live Chat and its importance to consumers today are very clear. Get started now before it's too late!

    Start conversations with great leads faster
    Deliver a concise, caring and exceptional experience
    Answers for your customers when they want them most
    A form submitted instead? Our form dialer rings you INSTANTLY so you can connect directly to hot leads

Intelligent Technologies That Continually Grow

Our agents learn along with you what your customers are asking for and provide it. You learn more about your customers. Win-win!

    3-10x the leads your website is now generating
    Close more deals and generate more revenue
    Lower CPA and earn higher LTV customers
    The longer we work together, the more we learn, the better we can serve you.

Try Leads Concierge FREE for 30 DaysNO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED

Experience our fully-featured platform and experience the amazing results we continually produce for our very happy customers. (89% retention rate, last updated June 2019)

No credit card required.
No long term contracts.
100% Customer Happiness Guarantee.

Leads Concierge Integrates with Over 1000 Solutions through Zapier & Supports Custom Integrations, too!

Many thanks to Leads Concierge and their highly professional and enthusiastic team! Our client bookings have increase by 187% since joining four months ago. Our clients come into the salon raving about how they were able to be helped late, early, or in the middle of the night. They feel connected to us and that resonates and shows itself in our client happiness and overall revenues.

S. Amella, Salon & Spa Owner

Simple, intelligent end to end live staffed software & reporting that helps you to spend your time closing hot leads, freshly delivered to you each day.